Thursday 20 July

Free of charge

All the events within the Tall Ships Races event area are free of charge. Only the Tall Ships Races Music Festival held at Turku Castle Park on 20 and 21 July will be subject to a fee. Performances and events will be provided free of charge on three different stages in the event area, on both banks of the Aura River.

  • Viking Line Stage (eastern bank)
  • Varvintori Stage (western bank)
  • Suomen Joutsen Stage (western bank)


14:00 – 14:30   Opening ceremonies
                          Formation flight of the Finnish Air Force Hawk fighter jets
                          Speeches: Aleksi Randell, Mayor of Turku and Knut Westeren, Chair of STI
                          The Navy Band, conducted by Lieutenant Commander (Mus.) Petri Junna 
                          Arma Aboa drill performance

14.30                 Concert of the Navy Band, conducted by Lieutenant, Sr. grade (Mus.) Jarkko Aaltonen. Iina Mutikainen as vocalist.

Turku Conservatory and Turku Arts Academy Programme

16.00 - 16.30     Sigynella choir
16.30 – 17.00    Avin & Jonatan
17.15                 Merenneito-show (The Mermaid show) a dramatic dance fairytale
18.00 – 18.30    Trio Nol feat. Emmi Raasumaa
18.45                 Laivarotat kannella (Ship rats on the deck), improvisation
19.30 – 20.00    Mi-Ritmå
20.15                 Merimiehen kummitustarinat (The pirate’s ghost stories), a dramatic performance featuring a cellist and an actor
21.00                 Mi-Ritmå


15.30                 Turun kansantanssin ystävät (Turku Folklore Association)
                          A salutation from folk dancers in Turku to the audience of the Tall Ships Races event.
                          Traditional Finnish folk dances, games and songs.

16.00 – 16.30   Namikatse kvartetti
                         Quartet of the male choir Naskalit

17 – 17.45         Evergreens
                          An orchestra from Turku playing evergreen jazz songs and schlager.

18.00 – 18.30    Dances: Fyyrkantti- association's Mylläkkä –group, sauna composition
                          Dance: Dragun Irish Dancers

19 – 19.45         Evergreens

20.30 – 22         Relax Corner feat. Sami Saari
                          Sami Saari, even described as the king of Finnish soul music, will perform with a jazz ensemble.


14.00–14.45       Kalakaverit-trio
                           Compelling folk music about fishing.

15.30–16.30       Ilkka Arolan juhlaorkesteri
                           Music led by the trumpet player Ilkka Arola.

18.00                  Roope Salminen & Koirat
                           The Roope Salminen & Koirat band has become famous for energetic live performances.
                           Party on stage and in the audience.

20.00 – 22.00     Capo 5
                           Guitar duo from Turku entertaining the audience with the hits songs of today and the past.


18.00- 19.00     Event Pastor Pasi Salminen will meet with guests on the ship