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Relax Corner ft. Pauli Hanhiniemi

Helsingin Sanomat Stage (Varvintori)

Thursday 18th  

klo 20:45 – 22:00

Musician, composer, and lyricist Pauli Hanhiniemi entertains the audience of The Tall Ships Races Event as a guest of Relax Corner. A diverse selection of Pauli’s hits which have accumulated over the years, is in store. Pauli performs together with the Turku-based band Relax Corner. Relax Corner is a collective formed by musicians from Turku, which can adapt from a solo troubadour to a sextet as needed. The band’s motto, “musical boundaries are meant to be broken,” aptly reflects the musicians’ attitude. Performances with numerous well-known artists have refined Relax Corner into one of the supporting pillars in Turku’s music scene.