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Join Us in Protecting the Archipelago Sea During the Event!


The Tall Ships Races Turku 2024 commits to protecting the Archipelago Sea in cooperation with Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. The Baltic Sea Challenge also supports the cleanup efforts during the event. We want to encourage all eventgoers to pay attention to their own actions for the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea.

Photo: Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association

Protecting the Archipelago Sea

The proximity of the Archipelago Sea is a central part of The Tall Ships Races Turku 2024 and protecting the sea is one of the event’s key values. The Archipelago Sea is fragile and affected by human action and thus The Tall Ships Races Turku has taken concrete action to protect the sea.

– The cleaning efforts of the Aura River have been increased throughout the event week in cooperation with local sports clubs and Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. The association’s waste collecting vessel Roska-Roope (Rubbish Roope) picks up surface waste from the Aura River on event days. We will also inform the eventgoers how to avoid trash from getting into the environment in the event area, tells the event’s Media Manager Sissi Tengström.

A part of the profits of the event’s partnership packages will be donated to Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association’s Roska-Roope initiative which will enable the waste collecting vessel to operate. The event’s vessels can empty their holding tank at the septic tank emptying station set up by The Baltic Sea Challenge at Telakkaranta for further water processing. This will ensure that all the bacteria and nutrients that impair water quality will stay out of the Archipelago Sea.

For the Eventgoers

The eventgoers can also take part in protecting the Archipelago Sea. For example, visitors can ensure that any trash accumulated during the event does not end up in the environment but rather in the waste handling points that can be found all around the event area.

In cooperation with The Baltic Sea Communication Network, The Baltic Sea Challenge and Keep the Archipelago Tidy have produced a Baltic Sea Protection Booklet that can be read to learn all about the various actions we can do for the protection of the Baltic Sea.

How Tidy of a Sailor Are You?

In the spirit of the event, Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association has compiled a checklist that can be used to check how tidy of a sailor you are. With the Roope sticker you can also show how responsible you are to fellow sailors.

A checklist for a tidy sailor:

  • I will take care of my waste
  • I will empty my wastewater into the sewage pumpout station
  • I will not discharge greywater into the sea
  • I will use the Roope service stations
  • I will not use toxic boat hull paints
  • I will pick up and report litter on beaches
  • I am a member of Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association

Small actions have a large impact. Let’s create a sustainable event together!

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